My Father’s Xmas Trees

The cable pattern on the yoke resembles Xmas trees. There are different traditions when it comes to Xmas trees, so I will tell you a little bit about my family traditions. I grew up close to a big forest, and my father worked as a lumberjack when I was a child. I therefore have many …

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日 Nichi top

This cropped top is named Nichi, the Japanese word for sun. The top is very simple, but still has some fine details, such as ribbing with twisted sts. The decreases on the front pieces flows naturally together with the i-cords that are tied in the neck. The top is knitted in the round in the …

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七宝 Shippo Tsunagi top

I found the inspiration for this top in a traditional Japanese sashiko pattern. Sashiko means «small stabs», and is an embroidery technique originally used for reinforcement of garments in areas of rough use. The particular pattern I used as basis for the lace and cable pattern in the top, is called 七宝, pronounced Shippo Tsunagi, …

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