Dear Santa, Let Me Explain!

I started knitting this jacket in October 2016, planning to have it finished for christmas. It must have been years since the last time I procrastinated a good project this long. But I have the best excuses. Dear Santa, let me explain!

The Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Lace yarn is a fantastic yarn – I think by far the best quality yarn I have ever worked with. I also had this gorgeous cable pattern in my head that I wanted to try out in a project, and I thought this must be it.


There is one major problem with Wollmeise, and that is that the yarn is not easily available. On the contrary, there is only one dealer in my country that sells this brand, and from my place it is maybe 500 km to this shop. In addition to this, the yarn comes in only 300 g skeins. That pretty much limited the options concerning what type of garment to make, and thus also my motivation. I originally wanted to make a dress, but that takes a lot of yarn, so I was not sure if it would be possible. But I started making sleeves, since most useful garments have sleeves, and I got around to do half a sleeve before the doubt took hold of me again.

It became clear very quickly that there wouldn’t be enough yarn to make a dress, so a jacket was the next option. But  jackets also are very yarn consuming, so I spent a lot of time contemplating if it would even be worthwhile to give it a try. I decided that it was not, at least not yet, and worked on some other projects in the meantime.


After a month or so, I gave it another try – thinking I could finish a jacket for christmas, or worst case a cropped sweater. I finished the first sleeve and barely started to work on the second. Then once again I started to doubt that the jacket could ever be finished as I wanted it. So I put it aside once more.

During christmas I finally got around to do some serious work on it, and I finished the second sleeve. After both the sleeves were finished, I weighed them and calculated that there was enough yarn left to make a jacket, if I made it quite short and with a wide neckline. So the design had to be adapted to a snug fit jacket that barely covered the waistline of my jeans. Fair enough, I like an excact fit, and the 1940’s fashion can be quite inspiring.

Christmas came and went, and in January bright green seemed a little “last year’s fashion”. So the project went back into the basket once more.

But then – in the beginning of February – after a few months of “darkness”, one day the sun was up when I went to work and it was still there when I came back. I came to think that green is actually a good color for spring. So finally I was able to find the motivation I needed to pick the project up again for the fourth time.

So Santa, there was no green christmas jacket. I am, however, working on a plan for a red christmas sweater for next christmas.

The pattern for the cardigan is available on Ravelry:

The red christmas sweater is also finished, and the pattern will come soon. Blog post here:



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