Once Again Mrs. Claus Saves Christmas

DSC02915After the disastrous timing of last year’s Christmas cardigan, Dear Santa, Let Me Explain, I wanted to be ready with this year’s Christmas sweater in good time. Optimistically I called it Once Again Mrs. Claus Saves Christmas. Putting a little pressure on myself normally works well, but as always with patterns I soon fell behind my schedule. I postponed the deadline to “during Christmas” instead of “before Christmas”, so even if it is technically too late according to plan, it is now ready.

This sweater is worked bottom up, and, as the cardigan, it has lots of feinsmecker details. The cast on method is Chinese waitress, but it is possible to use the cast on method you like. The heart pattern on the sleeves calls for small travelling cables. Both the sleeves and the body are worked in the round. The sleeves and body are joined together seamlessly, except for the kitchener stitch seam under the sleeves. The joining itself is worked similar to raglan, but with more shaping for the shoulders. It is worked like the contiguous method but upside down – or more correctly, downside up. Short rows are used to shape the front neck line and upper back, so that the fit along the neck should be perfect.

The pattern for the sweater is available on Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/30-mrs-claus-saves-christmas



You can read the story behind the cardigan and find a link to this pattern here: https://skattensdiy.wordpress.com/2017/02/13/dear-santa-let-me-explain/


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