The Whisky dress

For those of us that are not so big fans of cocktails, there is  an alternative – luckily. Beeing as whisky, in my opinion, is a drink very well suited for cold weather, the whisky dress should be made of wool. So here it is.


The dress is very simple, in order to let the colors in the yarn show. It is knit top down and the yoke and sleeves are knit in one piece (contiguous). This makes for a good fit over the shoulders, quite similar to a good bottle shape. It is fitted in the waist, but otherwise it is a straight dress. The ribbings have a little bit of texture because of the twisted stitches.

I like to wear the dress both with jeans and with stockings, depending on mood and temperature. It can be made shorter (as a tunic or sweater) and with longer sleeves if you like.

The pattern is available on Ravelry:


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