Reynir mittens


These mittens are knitted in the round, on dpn’s. They have facing on the inside of the cuffs. The mittens have gussets for the thumbs, to ensure that they fit the hands very well.

The mittens have a yarn over rnd at the wrists, that is very decorative. They also has a couple of Latvian braids for décor purposes. Both the bottom and the main part has fair isle pattern. This is both decorative, and it adds extra warmth.

The fair isle pattern looks like rowan (mountain ash) leafs, and this has given the design it’s name. The old norse name for rowan were reynir, which meant to redden.

The mittens are knitted out of scrap yarn. If you don’t have enough scraps to choose from, never mind! The mittens will look just as good if you make them in two colors or even more colors than I have used.

The pattern also contains optional lining for the mittens.

IMG_4414 kvadrat.jpg

The pattern is available in my Ravelry store:


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