Aurora Borealis top

This top is very simple, but still has some fine details. I gave it the name, Aurora Borealis, because the colors reminds me of the northern lights, and since it is partially knitted on a trip north of the Polar Circle. Actually this top has been on quite a travel, come to think of it. …

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Oslo top

The yarn in this top is a mix of wool and linen. Even if it has short sleeves, it gives a lot of warmth, and therefore will suit a Norwegian summer night very well. The top is knit bottom up in the round. It is fitted at the waist. The sleeves are knit together with …

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七宝 Shippo Tsunagi top

I found the inspiration for this top in a traditional Japanese sashiko pattern. Sashiko means «small stabs», and is an embroidery technique originally used for reinforcement of garments in areas of rough use. The particular pattern I used as basis for the lace and cable pattern in the top, is called 七宝, pronounced Shippo Tsunagi, …

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