Random lace cowl

This pattern is inspired by the Random Lace Scarf by Sybil R, but with one important difference: The random lace cowl is not knitted at random, but after a planned pattern.

IMG_20160808_163105_medium2Random knitting demands that you constantly count your stitches, and for a good result you should probably also be fairly consistent throughout your project regarding approximately how many stitches you use of each type on each rnd. This proved to be way too demanding for me, so the easier option was to create a pattern that look random, but without being random. It was also important to me that the pattern is not very difficult to remember, since constantly looking at the pattern slows down the knitting.

I used scrap yarn for this project, Kauni variegated yarn in yellow, orange and red. The colors alone could keep you warm during the winter, and I have also tried to make some flame like structures in the pattern. I guess it is a little too much, it sort of reminds me of flame laquered cars from the 80’s, but it was a fun project.





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