Table runner in basket weave stitch

Another scrap yarn project, just to test a couple of new techniques.

(None of these are for beginners, at least all the techniques are new to me, and being a tech nerd, I therefore guess that they are new to most knitters. The explanation below may therefore be a little difficult to follow. If you have trouble, I recommend that you google the techniques to find simple tutorials.)

Cast on 8 sts on dpns (use large needles compared to what you would normally do for the yarn you are using). Start making a magic circle cast on. After a couple of rnds this can be tightened so that there’s no hole in the middle.

Divide the work into 4 parts (with 1 st each) and 4 corner sts, and continue to knit in basket weave stitch. Knit the first rnd.

Increase 1 st in the start and end of every one of the 4 parts on each rnd. Take care so that this doesn’t mess up the pattern.

Basket weave st is formed by 2 alternating rnds. In the first rnd knit the 2nd of 2 sts from behind, then the first, and slip both off the needle. In the second rnd, knit the second st from the front, then the first st, and slip both sts off the needle.

IMG_20160714_124329Continue until you reach the desired size or there’s no more yarn left.

The edge is based on the Ten stitch blanket by Frankie Brown. The edge is knitted in garter st. Cast on 10 sts on a separate needle, and start in the middle of one of the sides, from the back side of the work. For each row slip the last st, pick up one st from the side of the runner, and pass the slipped st over the picked up st. The corners are formed using short rows, wraps and turns, and to finish it off, the gap in the side is closed using kitchener stitch.



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