The 7 day dress

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Only the dress – no accessories

This is my new basic dress, and it is supposed to go with everything! The design is for lazy people, like me, that only want to make one dress, but doesn’t mind making a lot of different accessories to go with it.

Pattern is now available on Ravelry:

The dress has small buttonholes on the inside of all edgings, so you can attach sleeves and edgings around the neck and hem, and totally change the way you wear it. I recommend that you use scrap yarn for accessories, and the pattern includes one set of accessories for each day of the week. If you only want one of the accessories, you can of course just sew it onto the dress permanently.

You can also make the dress without accessories. If you do, you should probably add an inch or two to the skirt and make a couple of more rounds around the neckline, since the dress is made a little short and a little wide around the neck in order to give room for the accessories.

The pattern for the dress comes in sizes from XS to XXXL. The dress shape is flattering for most women, and if you don’t have an hourglass-figure it will help make an impression that you do.

I also made a pattern for skirt and top as well – included in the dress pattern, for those who doesn’t like dresses or have different sizes for skirts and tops I hope this will be a good alternative.



Fitted sleeves and attached neck with narrow stripes in charcoal and colorchanging red to yellow, worked in stockinette. It is supposed to look like you have a sweater underneath the dress.

Those who want to, can of course also make a similar hem by following the pattern for Sunday hem and make stripes like the ones on the sleeves and neck. Or the sleeves can be made shorter if you want.



Green narrow edgings on skirt, sleeves and neck. These were the original idea for the dress project, and maybe the easiest and fastest to work up.

By changing color on the edgings alone, the impression of the whole dress changes. I would like to see someone making these in red, orange, yellow, purple or blue.



Long sleeves and neck in cable work and lace technique. The sleeves are fitted, and have a broad pattern along the whole length. The middle is knitted in lace technique and there are cables on each side, and the cuffs also have a nice rounded edge.

The neck is in the same pattern, and has buttons on one side, so it can be worn asymmetric. Of course it is possible to wear the buttons in front too, or in the back if you like it more plain one day.



Lacy hem and sleeve edging in colourchanging light to dark grey. The stitch pattern is a variety of feather and fan.

The edgings can be made longer by repeating the four round pattern more times. You can make the sleeves as long as 3/4 length of the arm without adapting the width. I think these would work well in white or sheer pink too.



Friday did not turn out as expected – the yarn demanded to become a corset. I guess this one is more for fun than for practical use.



Very elastic charcoal and silver belt with slip stitches, knit and purl pattern. The belt is made double, in order to avoid the upper and lower edge from curling when you wear it.

The belt can be made very narrow or quite broad as I have done, depending on your taste.

Saturday has short sleeves in the same design as well.



Belt and edging on skirt in traditional norwegian colorwork in white, red, green and gold. The hem is plain red, and as the dress, it has buttonholes on the inside, so that you can slip on the hem from Tuesday if you want more color. The inspiration for the pattern comes from two Norwegian national folk costumes, “bunad”, from Voss and Setesdal.

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