Sun hat

2015-07-30 18.10.23-2 2015-07-30 18.10.09-2

Use the same pattern as for beanie for bad hair days to make the top part of the hat.

Turn the hat upside down to make the brim.

Round 1: Single crochet. Mark every ten stitches.

Round 2: Increase 1 stitch at every marker.

Round 3: Single crochet.

Continue as round 2 and 3 until you reach desired with of the brim.

Last round: Work around a single strand of steel wire or some other suitable wire that can be shaped as you like.


Round 1: Chain 5 and close with a slip stitch – I have used black left over yarn.

Round 2: Work 10 single crochets into the ring.

Round 3: Change colour if you like to yellow or green and work 2 single crochets in every single crochet from round 2.

Round 4: Change to main colour (split the yarn again if it’s too thick), and work like this in every single crochet from round 3 to make the petals: Chain 12, turn and make a single crochet in stitch number 10 in the chain. Work 2 more single crochets, then 3 half double crochets, and continue with double crochets and finish each petal with a slip stitch. Work like this all around and finish off with a slip stitch.

When you stitch the flower to the hat, do it loosely..

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